Clean Ones - Peeping Pumpkin Halloween Craft

Do you love decorating for the holidays, but don’t have a lot of time or money? This Peeping Pumpkin, takes less than 30 minutes and costs less than $10. Even if you aren’t the craftiest person, this Peeping Pumpkin Halloween Craft is easy to create and makes a unique decoration for your porch this Halloween.

Step 1

First, prepare yourself and your area. Lay down newspaper or plastic table cloth (optional), put on Performance Nitrile Workin’ Gloves

Step 2

Cut along the top of your pumpkin to make a lid; set aside. Hollow out your pumpkin, setting seeds aside in a separate bowl (optional: see Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe).

Tip: If you want your pumpkin to last be sure to thoroughly remove all guts, or for even further rot prevention measures see How to Keep a Pumpkin from Rotting Before Halloween.

Step 3

Next, adhere 2 tooth picks to back of each googly eye using Duct Tape. Then, pressing down gently, but firmly, attach each googly eye to the top ledge of your pumpkin.

Step 4

Place a Performance Nitrile Workin’ Glove next to each googly eye.

Optional: Fill gloves with toilet paper to smooth out wrinkles and add extra dimension. Place next to googly eyes and attach with a thumbtack.

Step 5
Finally, find the perfect spot to display your Peeping Pumpkin and place lid on top. Enjoy!

Optional Next Steps:
For Ideas on how to turn your Pumpkin Seeds into a healthy kid-friendly snack check out our Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe.