Cleaning Your Fireplace

Family, friends and sipping warm cider by a crackling fire, the holidays are fast approaching. Time is scarce and everyone’s to-do list just keeps growing but fireplace maintenance should not be overlooked. Not only does cleaning your fireplace minimize dust and soot in your home, it is vital for a safely and properly functioning fireplace.

Cleaning out a fireplace can be a cumbersome and dreaded chore but it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes with this speed cleaning technique:

•   Put on a pair of reusable rubber gloves, remove logs, tinder, and the grate. Set them
    on a tarp. (Note: before getting started make sure all ashes have cooled thoroughly – try
    waiting 24 hours after your last fire has gone out.)

•   To prevent dust and ash from flying, sprinkle used coffee grounds on ash.

•   Sweep each interior wall and screen top to bottom with a fireplace brush.

•   Shovel ashes into a pan and dispose.

Now you are on to the finishing touches.

•   For cleaning an iron exterior: spritz with hearth cleaning spray, rinse with water and dry
    using a paper towel or soft cloth.

•   For cleaning a brick exterior: spray with water, scrub with a brush and then dry
    using a soft cloth.

•   For cleaning a stone or marble exterior: spray with water, clean with dish washing
    soap and a soft cloth, rinse with water and pat dry.

•   For cleaning glass doors: spray hearth cleaner on both the back and the front of each
    door wiping down each panel one at a time, removing before it has time to dry.

•   Polish tools and grates by spraying them with hearth cleaner and wiping them clean
    with paper towels.

Put the grates back, dispose of the tarp and you’re all done. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Check that chore off of your list and carry on with the rest of your holiday to-do’s.