This Salt & Ice Activity is a wonderful way to help playfully immerse your little ones in scientific experimentation, teaching them the concept of solids transforming to liquids.

Playfully immerse your kids in scientific experimentation by teaching them the concept of transforming solids to liquids with this Salt & Ice Activity. This simple, cheap and educational activity is an open ended and playful learning experience. Encouraging your children to persistently explore, this activity will help them develop creative problem-solving and fine motor skills.

Supply List:

•   Clean Ones Disposable Gloves (Latex, Vinyl or Nitrile)
•   Water
•   Food Coloring
•   Small Treasures (ie. miniature animals, as shown above)
•   Salt (I used Iodized table salt, but sidewalk salt will do)


•   Fill disposable gloves with water (be sure to leave a couple of inches at the top so
you can tie them off).
•   Add a few drops of food coloring and shake to disperse the color.
•   Add any treasures you would like your little ones to find.
•   Twist glove tightly a couple of times and tie off at the wrist.
•   Lay gloves in a baking dish (the dish will catch any water in the event that a glove leaks).
•   Place baking dish in freezer overnight.
•   Remove treasure-filled hands from gloves by running them under water, gently
peeling the gloves off. Be careful not to melt the fingers. Take your time.


Find a good spot where your kids can get messy and introduce them to the treasure-filled ice hands. Show you little ones how to pour (or scoop) salt onto the ice and talk to them about how the salt helps the ice melt.

Ask your children to find and free the treasures hidden inside each hand — you can even turn it into a race.


Be sure to actively supervise young children at all times. The gloves and their contents could be a potential choking hazard.