Clean Ones Do It Yourself Tub and Shower Cleaning Spray

Two ingredients is all it takes to make a non-toxic ‘Tub and Shower Spray’ that will leave your bathroom sparkling. This cheap and simple homemade cleaning spray is excellent for removing soap scum and hard water deposits from faucets and glass shower doors. Plus it smells good too.

•   White Vinegar

•   Liquid Dishwashing Soap

•   32 oz. Empty Spray Bottle

This homemade tub and shower spray only takes a few minutes to make. All you need to do is:

•   Measure 16 oz. of white vinegar and 16 oz. of liquid dishwashing soap.

•   In the microwave, heat the vinegar until it is hot — but not boiling.

•   Using a funnel, pour the vinegar into the spray bottle.

•   Give the bottle two good shakes and you are ready to start cleaning.

*Note – The most effective way to use this spray is to spray a little bit on, give it a scrub, rinse it off and then wipe it with a dry towel. A little spray goes along way — don’t over spray. And if you are looking for the perfect household gloves to help with your chores check out the Clean Ones Everyday Cleaning Natural Latex Gloves Here