Gardening with Nitrile Gloves

Proper hand protection in the yard is a must for any avid gardener but if you are anything like me, you hate digging in the dirt with your regular garden gloves. For the ultra-gross tasks that require no additional padding, I like to use disposable nitrile gloves. These latex free gloves are the perfect barrier against the mud and the muck, and best of all, you can dispose of them when you are done.

You won’t believe how much more enjoyable these 4 outdoor chores are with disposable gloves on.


Whether you are removing annual or perennial weeds, disposable nitrile gloves provide the right amount of added grip and protection. Since annual weeds have shallower root systems, yanking them from the ground with your glove covered hand will be a breeze. For the much hardier perennial weeds, we recommend using your favorite hand tool, so that you can remove the whole root system.


Did you know that planting seeds at the right depth is even more important than spacing them correctly? Proper seed depth varies depending on what you’re growing, so read the instructions on your seed packets. An easy way to gauge planting depth is by measuring and drawing a mark on the index finger of your glove. Don the glove and then use your index finger to poke the dirt until you hit your pen mark. Drop the seed in and lightly cover with loose soil.

Potting & Re-Potting

Some vegetables just do better when you germinate them indoors. I like to start my heat loving veggies (like eggplant, tomatoes and peppers) indoors using a germination station. After a second leaf sprouts and they start to outgrow the humidity dome, I harden off the seedlings gradually to get them accustomed to direct sunlight and cool nights before repotting for outdoors. A day or two before I plan to repot, I give the plant a good thorough watering because they’re much easier to repot when the dirt is moist.

To repot seedlings, I don disposable nitrile gloves, slip a hand over the top of the container, hold the plant in between my fingers and turn the pot upside down. I gently pull the container upwards to remove the plant. I then place the plant start in the center of a larger container filled a little more than half way with soil and fill in by sprinkling soil along the outside edges of the plant start.


Composting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to produce nutrient rich soil for your garden. When mixing, loading or using materials from my bin, I like to use disposable gloves to protect my hands from moisture stripping hand washing.

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Disposable Nitrile Gloves, the perfect addition to any garden shed.

They are:
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