What better way to show your national pride this 4th of July than with this quick and easy patriotic tie dye project. Tie dye is fun for the whole family and best of all its almost impossible to do it “wrong.”


• White Cotton Tees, washed and still wet
Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit, Patriot (prepared according to box instructions)
• Zip Ties or Rubber Bands
• Disposable Gloves (like Disposable Essential Nitrile Gloves)
• Plastic Grocery Bag (one for each item you dye)
• Wire Cooling Rack



    1. Toss your cotton tees in the washing machine, wash on the hottest setting. Do not dry them, you will dye them while they are still wet.


    1. Prepare your space. Be sure to properly cover your table surface with plastic to avoid dye stains. I like to use garbage bags and tape.


    1. Select a folding/dying technique. There are plenty of great ideas to choose from here. The example shown above use the Firecracker and Stripes techniques.

4th-strip 2


    1. Fold & zip tie according to your selected technique. (Note: the folding example shown in this how-to is Stripes. Only instead of folding the shirt vertically or horizontally we folded it in a diagonal wave.)


    1. Place shirt on a wire cooling rack and apply dye. Of course the wire cooling rack is optional, I like to use it so that the dye does not pool up on the underside and over-saturate the shirt.


    1. Let the shirt sit on the wire cooling rack for about 30 minutes, until any excess dye has dripped off.


    1. Place the shirt in a plastic grocery bag and let sit for at least 8 hours. The longer you let it sit the more vibrant the colors will be. (we let ours sit for 24 hours).


    1. After your dye has set, fully rinse it until the runoff is clear, we recommend to use a bucket or large bowl to avoid staining your sink.


  1. Wash separately using the largest and hottest setting on your washing machine and dry immediately after.


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