Clean Ones Disposable Essentials Food Handling Gloves are made from a latex free, non-sticking, loose fitting, protective material. These high-density polyethylene (HDPE) gloves are economical and safe, making them the glove of choice for food handling. Intended for one time tasks, it is recommended that they are changed between tasks (moving from meat to vegetable chopping for example). Clean Ones HDPE Gloves are made from virgin material so they are more durable and have greater clarity than Low Density Polyethylene gloves and can be recycled according to local requirements.

Ideal For
DisposablePoly-RollingPin Kitchen Use
DisposablePoly-Hamburger Food Handling
DisposablePOly-Plate Washing Dishes


  • Latex Free
  • Comfortable Fit for multiple users
  • Strong Seams
  • Gloves Open and Slide on Easily
  • Embossed Surface
  • Material is Approved for Food Handling Complies with FDA Reg. 177.1520
  • Angle-Cut Cuff